China will become the largest production base for cosmetics processing

Date: 2017-07-10
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With the large number of Chinese cosmetics processing enterprises in personnel, technology and continuous upgrading of equipment, more and more foreign cosmetics manufacturers choose China as a cosmetic OEM foundry. It is understood that China joined the World Trade Organization, about one-third of the global OEM business will be transferred to China. A growing number of world-renowned manufacturers to shift production to China, making China is becoming a global industrial manufacturing production plants, for some experts predict that China will become the world cosmetics processing base.
"The current evolution path and cosmetics industry then clothing, household electrical appliance enterprises were similar, with China is still the world's most promising consumer market, so as the Chinese cosmetics processing enterprise technology and management level, it is expected Like clothing, household electrical appliance enterprises as the world's largest OEM manufacturers. "China international OEM partners Promotion Center researchers, in an interview with reporters, said.

It is understood that China's cosmetics market is currently about 50 billion yuan annually to 2010 is expected to reach 80 billion yuan. In such high profits and huge market, attracted every year hundreds of new cosmetic brands come out, so as cosmetics OEM OEM tremendous opportunities.
"So, from the supply chain point of view China as cosmetics OEM base is also a necessity, because the factory from the consumer market close, China is currently the most potential, the largest consumer market."

OEM processing is a large-scale socialized production, global collaboration and effective way of rationalization of resources and results, OEM processing and production of modern industrial production has become an important part. It is understood that, in Europe, in the 1960s there have been OEM processing nature of the industry association, the 1990s OEM production and trade has reached 350 billion euros. Chinese people usually understand that OEM OEM processing.

"Foreign enterprises in the choice OEM and processing plants have strict procedures and requirements, such as plant equipment is advanced, whether health standards, integrated R & D capabilities, whether there is a special technique, whether a professional qualified personnel, the price is reasonable and so a combination of factors. Chinese cosmetics company with many years of development, there are many companies have reached the appropriate standard. "

Reporters found that many cosmetic companies have developed OEM processing business, and with many of the world famous cosmetics brands. Many companies have said they are in such cooperation in personnel training and management aspects have been improved.

Foreign cosmetics companies choose China OEM processing business as a partner on behalf of the cosmetics factory built in China can reduce labor costs, environmental costs and materials costs. "As is known, inexpensive Chinese labor costs relative to foreign lot, many using local materials and resources, but also reduces the cost of production, will also exclude environmental pollution outside their home countries, so even if the raw material shipped to China, shipped after production in China filling and packaging to the home country of re-export to the world than such costs in their production is much lower. "

Meanwhile, China has also become the beneficiaries of cosmetics OEM processing. "Chinese cosmetics processing companies in addition to processing fee to get a lot of money, but also to learn the advanced management experience and technology, although currently only generation processing, but with the technology and management experience to continue to create the future with independent intellectual property products and lay a solid foundation. course cosmetics processing enterprises should forge ahead, seize opportunities, such as macro-economic situation, industrial policy adjustment and changing industry message. "

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