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To date, Intercos Group has established 12 branches in eight countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, as well as 15 production factories and 9 R&D centers in 10 countries.

  • North America Intercos USA
  • Europe Switzerland – CRB
  • Europe Italy – Intercos HQ
  • Asia Intercos S.Korea
  • Brazil Intercos China
  • South America Intercos Brazil
  • North America——Intercos USA

    Intercos America;Intercos Assembly Intercos America Research Center - new formulations on color cosmetics & skincare;Intercos West Coast; formula customizatino
    Introduction:Intercos USA is headquartered in Congers NY.
  • Europe——Switzerland – CRB

    CRB Puidoux CRB Research Center - skincare innovation;CRB Benelux- new raw materials (Netherlands)
    Introduction:Intercos CRB skincare R&D and production center is located in Montreux Switzerland, on the shore of the Lake Geneva, next to the Mont Pelerin hill.
  • Europe——Italy – Intercos HQ

    Intercos Corporate, Intercos SpA, Cosmint Intercos Corporate Research Center – color cosmetics & skincare innovation;Vitalab – new active ingredients
    Introduction:Intercos Group is head-officed in Milan Italy. Milan is Italy’s de facto fashion center, cradle to a ranging native cosmetics brands, which among other things, adds special strategic importance for it to be selected as the Intercos headquarter.
  • Asia——Intercos S.Korea

    Intercos S.Korea Intercos S. Korea Innovation Center - new formulation on base makeup & skincare
    Introduction:Intercos formed a joint venture company with Korea Shinsega. The JV company is headquartered in Pangyo near Seoul, with R&D and production base located in Jia Chang Industrial Park, Wushan City Gyeonggi-do.
  • Asia——Intercos China

    Intercos Cosmetics;Intercos Technology;Interfila Shanghai;NEW Intercos Technology Intercos China Research Center – new formulations on color cosmetics & skincare;Interfila Shanghai – new formulation on delivery system
    Introduction:Intercos China is located in a particularly strategic position in Suzhou Industrial Park, about an hour’s distance from Shanghai (the financial and business hub for the whole of China); the foremost Chinese packaging suppliers are all within 50 km of the site. Intercos has 3 plants in Suzhou specialized in color cosmetics and skincare product ODM, 1 plant in Shanghai specialized in delivery system development and production.
  • South America——Intercos Brazil

    Intercos do Brazil
    Introduction:The Intercos Brazil production plant is located in St. Paul, which is not only Brazil’s largest city in GDP, but also the country’s logistic center linking South and North Brazil.
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