Intercos Group founded in 1972 by D. Ferrari and develops & produces products, including Color Cosmetics, Cosmetics Pencils, Nail Lacquers and Skin Care, with proprietary formulations and technologies. Intercos fully integrated outsourcer for the cosmetics industry’s major international brands and fast growing Distributors and Retailers.

Intercos Asia belongs to Intercos Group and covers the whole value chain and represents ca. 40% of Intercos’ Group activities in terms of Sales, HC and production capacity.Intercos Asia has over 1.600 people covering the complete value chain in 2 Innovation centers, 5 Sales offices and 4 production plants, including 47 R&I staffs, 68 technical staffs, 18 package innovation & development staffs, 46 project management & customer service staffs and 37 strategic staffs.

3 companies in Intercos China with more than 80% staffs have presented importance in Intercos Asia. Intercos China has professional R&I and Package Innovation & Development staffs, among which 80% are with bachelor or above degree. They have rich experience on makeup, skincare, pencil or package innovation & development. Intercos China has a great technical team focus on industrialization, equipment and so on to ensure smooth production and product quality. At the same time, there is a professional strategic marketing, project management & customer service team to give customers better service and become the bridge between customer and plant.


Excellent team needs to improve all the time. Intercos China has spared no effort to bring in and train talent. Innovation is the core point in Intercos. We encourage staffs to divergent thinking and everyone has a visionary approach to beauty. Every year we send excellent technical staff and marketing staff to HQ and overseas institutes to get trained. At the same time, we invite Italian professional technical and marketing colleagues come to China to train and guide related staffs. Intercos China also arranges a lot of expertise training lessons, seminar, and exhibition for staffs to learn latest industry knowledge. 

In order to attract much more talents, we ensure equality and human rights, and also provide stable salary, good benefits, complete training, good promotion system, so that staffs can continue to develop personal ability, meanwhile, also take care of the family. We try our best to create a safe and healthy working environment for employees

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    • R&D Skincare Lab Technician
    • 0
    • Number of recruits: 1 people
    • work place: 苏州工业园区华虹街29号
    • 2017 - 06 - 23


    o Graduate at least College’s degree in Cosmetic Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering/related fields.

    o Fundamental knowledge in skin care formulation technology.

    o Fundamental knowledge on ISO 9001, GMP, hygiene and analytical laboratory practices.

    o Chinese and English; Bilingual excellence in communication and writing skill.


    o Preparation of samples that will be sent out to the client for approval on a daily basis.

    o Perform the day to day lab experiments as assigned by the Chemist and be able to maintain concise documentation pertaining to lab batches/ experiments.

    o Less difficult formula texture adjustment ex. Actives and fragrance level adjustment, colour adjustment and so on.

    o Routine laboratory tests will be conducted, including but not limited to pH analysis, Viscosity Measurements, specific gravity measurements etc.

    o Stability sample follow up.

    o Lab equipments and apparatus performance and hygiene mainte***ce.

    o Assist and fulfil documentation to R&D office.

    o Other tasks assigned by superior.

    • 设备维修技术员
    • 0
    • Number of recruits: 1 people
    • work place: 苏州工业园区华虹街29号
    • 2017 - 06 - 23

















    • R&D Colorist
    • 0
    • Number of recruits: 1 people
    • work place: 苏州工业园区胜浦路288号园区出口加工区B区启明路89号
    • 2017 - 06 - 23



    o Graduate from College to B.S. Chemical Science/ Cosmetology related field with at least 2 years experience in color development.

    o Familiar with IT (MS Office) skills, and basic ERP system.

    o Familiar with cosmetics manufacturing processing and procedure.

    o Lean knowledge in formula development and product realization.


    o Fulfill KPIs and ensure CD technical performance at all time.

    o Focus on continuous service, provide cost effective shade matching satisfies customer requirements.

    o Participate in whole CD processes and supports technical transferred product realization.

    o Support and maintain CD MP Inventory level including lab consumables.

    o Full execution according to CD planning & scheduling.

    o Support intra-departmental administrative function and fulfil documentation to R&D office.

    o Other tasks given by superior.

    • 分析技术员(实习生)
    • 0
    • Number of recruits: 1 people
    • work place: 苏州工业园区华凌街8号
    • 2017 - 06 - 23



    o 化学/食品/药品等相关专业,大专或以上学历,18年毕业实习生

    o 熟练操作使用 HPLC、UV和原子吸收等实验室常规实验设备;

    o 良好的英语读、写能力;

    o 良好的计算机技能;


    o 负责原料、来料散料、生产混料取样、理化检测和放行;

    o 负责纯化水的检测和报告;

    o 负责原料、来料散料、生产混料报告的填写和整理;

    o 负责留样、标准样品的管理;

    o 负责COA(供应商的检验报告)的管理;

    o 负责过期原料、散料取样和检验;

    o 负责配制标准溶液、缓冲液、指示液、试液等溶液;

    o 协助主管管理实验室试剂;

    o 协助维护实验设备的正常运行;

    o 协助检验其他部门的送样检验;

    o 协助部门主管调查OOS。

    o 完成部门主管临时性分配的工作。

    • R&D Make-up Formulator
    • 0
    • Number of recruits: 1 people
    • work place: 苏州工业园区华凌街8号
    • 2017 - 06 - 23


    o At least 2 years’ experience in make-up laboratory as a formulator.

    o Bachelor or college degree are ok, preferably in chemistry or cosmetology

    o Understanding of make-up formulation and manufacturing process technical expertise

    o Awareness & experience working with local RM suppliers

    o Understanding of rheology , aesthetic and colour matching

    o Proficient in Mandarin & English

    o Familiar with Microsoft Office


    o Research and develop make-up formulae suitable for the China & Asia market using preferentially Chinese raw materials.

    o Guarantee make-up formulae comply with china national standard.

    o Guarantee make-up formulae comply with MEP and SFDA.

    o Provide support to QC and Production for the solution of issues related to make-up formulae.

    o Cooperate with RM Sourcing to scout new RM sources to reduce bulk cost.

    o Organize and perform stability, compatibility and other tests necessary to evaluate the suitability of the cosmetic products

    o Other tasks assigned by HQ R&D.

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