Accompanying orphans and handicapped people - The tour of the Intercos volunteer team to the Welfare

Date: 2019-06-06
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Following the previous charity activities, this weekend, on May 19th, the Intercos volunteer team went to the Welfare House in Xiangcheng District of Suzhou to visit and accompany the elderly and children there.

Accompanying orphans and handicapped people - The tour of the Intercos volunteer team to the Welfare

The members of the Intercos volunteer team gathered at the Darunfa supermarket in Xiangcheng District at 12:30, and selected about 70 gift bags, which were made up of fruits, snacks, and yogurt etc. Volunteers checked the production date for each food to ensure freshness and selected each fruit carefully. Weighing and payment of all foods was not completed until around 14:00. Then everyone drove to the Welfare House in Xiangcheng District. Accompanied by the volunteer team of Suzhou Zhisu Volunteer, everyone sub-packed the gift bags in the canteen of the Welfare House. The volunteer team of Zhisu Volunteer also used the computer and audio equipment to sing a number of songs for the elderly on the scene. At this time, the volunteers of Intercos shuttled between the elderly like little bees to distribute food to them. Looking at the delighted smile of the elderly, everyone feels very happy.

Then everyone went to the Children's Department to visit the children there. Many children with physical defects were rehabilitated after undergoing surgery. More than ten volunteers, accompanied by the caregivers, played jollily with the children in the playground. It can be seen that the children were not excluded from the sudden appearance of these adult friends, and soon they were playing games together with these adult friends. The children also liked the bananas and yogurt we brought.

The happy moments passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was already 16:00 in the afternoon, and the adult friends had to wave goodbye to the children with reluctance. Everyone is looking forward to the next meeting.

Everyone has great feelings of this tour to the Welfare House, and gains new insights and understanding of healthy body, free living environment and the love that parents have given us since childhood. The lyrics of the song 'Grateful Heart' can't help but appear:

Heaven to earth is wide, but it's hard to walk through

I see the world full of frustrations and toil

How much love I have, how many tears I'll weep

Let the heaven to knowI'll never give up

Grateful heart, grateful to have you

Keep me company, let me be brave to be myself

Grateful heart, grateful to fate

Blooming of fading, I'll still cherish them


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