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Intercos has always been committed to environmental protection and social responsibility and continues to improve. Intercos attaches great importance to environmental protection and social responsibility, adheres to sustainable development, and pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees. Intercos conducts annual SA8000 audits and continuously improves the company's rules and regulations and management methods through audits. 

Intercos, environmental protection pioneer---Sewage treatment system

In 2017, Intercos Cosmetic (Suzhou) Company spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to build a sewage treatment system in the plant area. This system can purify the production wastewater of Intercos, and the purified water after purification will flow into the adjacent landscape pool with a few clusters of water lilies and a group of koi. The small pool is full of vitality, and is a good place for the staff of the company to take a walk after lunch!

The environment is the basic premise of human survival and development, and the environment provides the necessary resources and conditions for our survival and development. On our planet, the most precious thing is not gold and silver jewels, not delicacies of every kind, but the most unobtrusive and inseparable water. Water is the source of life. A person can survive without eating for a few days, but he can't survive without drinking for a few days! However, there is a serious shortage of water on the earth, and water resource is non-renewable. Therefore, it is very important to protect water resource and reduce environmental pollution. Please join us to cherish and protect the water resource, and create a beautiful living environment with green trees shading the street, singing birds and fragrant flowers, clear rivers and swimming fishes!

Intercos will persevere in the environmental protection and make persistent efforts!


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